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About SGS Trans Logic

The priority area of SGS Trans Logic’s business is transportation of oversized cargoes in Ukraine and also Europe and the CIS. Many years of experience in logistics field (we have been in this business since 2001) allow our company to prepare the required transportation documentation (permits, approvals and so on) in the shortest possible time and provide, if required, accompaniment service by escort vehicles or the traffic police.

Our company services over 60 regular customers – large Ukrainian and European companies operating in various sectors of economy: agriculture, forestry, steelmaking industry, trade, logistics, energy, etc. Successfully delivered oversized cargo and grateful testimonials from our partners are our most important strategic goals!

Oversized cargo transportation specifics

In order for an oversized cargo to be delivered right on schedule without any complications, our team of competent specialists thoroughly prepares the transportation operation which includes two phases:

  1. Planning an efficient individual route by analyzing the entire relevant information: mode of transport, road conditions, traffic conditions, weather conditions, and so on
  2. Preparing transportation documents

Experienced drivers who know all nuances of making reliable deliveries are rightfully considered an important element of our company. We also have a modern truck fleet featuring highly-reliable domestically- and foreign-manufactured vehicles. Any particular job is always done by a vehicle best suitable for transportation of a particular cargo in given conditions.

Our company not simply ships an oversized cargo but oversees its transportation all the way to the final point of destination. Our representatives coordinate work of all persons who handle a particular transportation operation and inform the customer, upon request, about the route section where his cargo is presently being trucked.

Successful transportation of oversized cargoes requires comprehensive professional approach, compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements, and complete understanding of all transportation-related nuances. When doing business with SGS Trans Logic, you are guaranteed to receive service of the highest quality, for we always fulfill our obligations with the utmost degree of responsibility.