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Outsized cargo accompaniment

In some cases, escort is required to ensure safety of outsized cargo transportation operation. Escort is provided by the so-called pilot (flag/escort) cars which accompany the cargo along the entire transportation route. Accompaniment service may also be provided by the traffic police, with the type of escort determined when an outsized cargo transportation permit is issued.

Cargo escort is required when an Oversize Load exceeds 3.5 m in width and/or 24 m in length. With the dimensions like that, accompaniment service is necessary to ensure safety of not only the truck itself and the cargo it carries but of other motorists as well. For example, crossing a bridge sometimes requires travel in a single lane only. For that purpose, motor traffic on the bridge must be stopped to allow the cargo to traverse it, and that’s what escort vehicles are needed for.

We offer organization of accompaniment service by pilot cars and by the traffic police. Our escort vehicles accompany trucks transporting cargoes that exceed 24 m in length and 3.5 m in width. Cargoes over 30 m in length and over 3.75 m in width require escort by the traffic police.

In addition, cargoes over 4.5 m in height require escort, in certain places, by representatives of regional energy production (oblenergo) and telecommunications companies to control clearance of cargo transported near power transmission or telecommunications lines. At railroad crossings, cargoes over 4.5 m in height require presence of the railroad personnel overseeing the overhead contact system, and in cities with electric transport system (tram, trolleybus) these cargoes must be escorted by Tram and Trolleybus Department representatives.